Utilizing Assessment Tools (comments below)


Overall video hit the marks of a Snake Oil Sales Pitch. Seeing as it is the demonstration of what the assessment will be it does miss the mark in a few areas but picks up in editing, creativity, and overall concept. 10/12

Part 1: includes beginning middle and end on how indulgences can be sold. The false sense indulgences freeing people of their sins and helping to buy their way into heaven. 4/4

Part 2: Misses the mark as it does not combine two items from the list provided losing points there. Though it does a good job of explaining the fake indulgence and incorporates a false promise of paying off sins and using clergy and a sinner to demonstrate how it may work. 4/6

Part 3: Name is not as creative however due to it serving as the example and the directions it needs to have a name that draws interest and is explanatory of the product. 1/1

Part 4: People placed in clergy cloaks and images of the church show the importance how it fits into the indulgence and what pictures would people in the reformation age see. Overall great visuals 1/1

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